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Attention Realtors!!

We Know Your Time is Important

That is why we offer online scheduling with real time pricing. We are available on short notice and provide the report the same day as the inspection. We are available Monday through Saturday to meet your needs and those of your clients. Furthermore, after your client closes on their new home our 3rd party vendor can setup the utilities (electric, water, gas, phone, internet) for the client before they set foot in their new home.

We Understand the Importance of an Inspection

Our home inspectors understand the difficulties that come with real estate inspections. It is often a nerve wracking experience for all parties involved- the realtors, buyers and sellers alike await anxiously for the report. Some inspectors have a moniker as being a “Deal Killer”. Truth be told, the home dictates what the inspection report looks like. While some inspectors are better than others, it’s not necessarily the issues with the home that kill some deals, but more how the findings are conveyed to the buyers that scare buyers. We’re not alarmists when it comes to discussing the report with your clients. We prefer the buyers be on site for at least the last 30 minutes of the inspection so that we can walk the property and discuss our findings with them. If that’s not possible, we are happy to do so by phone

Not Only Can We Perform a WDI Inspection, We Can Treat for Them

As you know, more and more lenders are requiring Wood Destroying Insect Reports. Our inspectors are licensed and/or certified to perform these inspections and treat for them if present. Most inspectors cannot even perform this inspection with even fewer being able to treat for them.

We Use State of the Art Equipment

Performing a quality inspection is not just a matter of experience, having the right equipment is equally important. Our inspectors carry state of the art equipment including thermal imagers, zip levels, drains scopes and drones to perform services others cannot. While not necessary of every inspection, our philosophy is that it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Property Forensix is a proud member of:

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

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