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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Owner Network? 2017-04-11T15:34:58+00:00

It is a free service, for the first year, we offer to clients when they purchase a home inspection. The Home Owner Network allows homeowners to send pictures and questions about their issues and have them answered by an expert in that particular field.  For example, if the client has a plumbing question it will be answered by a certified plumber.

What is RecallChek? 2017-04-11T15:34:18+00:00

RecallChek informs the client of manufacturer recalls on any appliances that the homeowner might have in their home. If the appliance being recalled is in the home, the manufacturer will repair or replace it for free. The serial numbers are recorded during the inspection process and the client receives monthly news letters from RecallChek on home maintenance tips as well as any recalls that might have placed by the manufacturer.

What if I have a question after the inspection? 2017-04-11T15:33:17+00:00

Email, call or text us with your questions concerning the inspection report. If it is outside the scope of the inspection then the Home Owner Network app will be able to answer any questions you have about your home. A $299 value free with the purchased a home inspection.

What does it mean when an inspector is InterNachi (NACHI), ASHI, or NAHI certified? 2017-04-11T15:32:30+00:00

The inspector’s willingness to learn and grow as an individual within the field to better assist their client’s needs during the Real Estate transaction.

What is covered in a home inspection? 2017-04-11T15:31:48+00:00

We follow strict guidelines from TREC. All home inspection companys use the same TREC template that covers Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Appliances, and Optional systems. To receive an indepth knowledge of what to expect from a home inspection go to our “What to Expect” page. There you will find detailed information of what we look for in each section and how we perform the inspection process.

Can I attend the home inspection while the inspector is inspecting the house? 2017-04-11T15:30:21+00:00

Yes you can; however, we recommend, for your safety, to show up at the end of the inspection. This allows us to focus strictly on the house without the concern for your safety. Some of the areas we inspect we do not take our clients with us. For example, we do not take our clients on the roof, in the attic, under the crawlspace, or in front of the electrical panel with the deadfront panel off. These are very dangerous situation and your well-being and safety is top priority for us. Which is why at the end of the inspection while we are walking the client through the house, if we identify an item, but its too dangerous to take the client there we will show the picture on our tablet. Plus, depending on the size of the house we are there between 3 to 6 hours inspecting the property while the walk through only takes an hour to review with the client.

How long does a home inspection take? 2017-04-11T15:22:35+00:00

It depends, but typically we take 1 to 2 hours per thousand square feet to inspect a house. Then at the end of the inspection we take an additional hour to walk the client through the report.