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Attention Investors

Customized Inspections

Our investor inspections go far beyond the scope of a standard home inspection. There are items that due to being cosmetic in nature, don’t belong in a standard inspection report. As an investor, these items are of great concern to you and can turn a profit into a loss if you’re not aware of them. In addition to the standard inspection, we also provide measurements on cosmetic damage. Square or linear footage of damaged or missing siding, flooring, sheetrock, baseboards, fascia and other items are provided, and multiple photos shown. This allows you as an investor to make an educated offer knowing what needs repair or replacement

Same Day Reporting

We understand that time is money and that may be truer in real investing than anywhere else. Getting or missing a deal is often a matter of timing- having the right information to make a qualified offer before someone else does. We get that. You can expect the inspection report in your inbox the same day the inspection is performed giving you a leg up on the competition

Short Cycle Scheduling

You never know when a deal will present itself. Often the sellers are in a hurry to close and on a short timetable. We can usually perform the inspection the same day it is requested. Combine that with same day reporting and it doesn’t get any faster than that!

State of the Art Equipment

Performing a quality inspection is not just a matter of experience, having the right equipment is equally important. Our inspectors carry state of the art equipment including thermal imagers, zip levels, drains scopes and drones to perform services others cannot. While not necessary of every inspection, our philosophy is that it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. You can rest assured there will be no costly surprises after closing

Not Only Can We Perform a WDI Inspection, We Can Treat for Them

As you know, more and more lenders are requiring Wood Destroying Insect Reports. Our inspectors are licensed and/or certified to perform these inspections and treat for them if present. Most inspectors cannot even perform this inspection with even fewer being able to treat for them

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