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Attention Builders!!

Let Property Forensix be your Eyes!

We perform an all-encompassing inspection based on the Standard of Practice and BEYOND the Scope of Inspections required by ALL 50 states and municipal code inspections. We not only inspect the structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and appliances which constitute a standard inspection. We take it a step further by going above and beyond the scope of the inspection, we check ALL electrical and plumbing fixtures, ALL windows and doors, look for damaged or missing blinds, baseboards, cabinet trim and crown molding, damage to and overspray on floors, ceilings and walls as well as any grading and drainage issues. All findings are provided complete with images and details on a comprehensive report within 24 hours of the inspection being performed. We bill monthly and offer terms to builders with discounts based on volume.

Get Better Reviews and More Referrals

Consumers are spending more time researching before buying than ever before. A lot of that research is spent reading reviews. Buyers that can’t find problems are more likely to give a favorable review than those that find issues with their new home. Similarly, satisfied customers are more likely to refer their coworkers, friends and family than those that are unhappy

Value Added

There is no sales tool more powerful than an independent, third party inspection. Consumers give more credence to a third-party opinion than that of a builders’ representative which provides them the confidence that their purchase has been thoroughly inspected and all is well with what is most likely the largest investment they will ever make

Reduce Warranty Claims

There’s an old saying that goes “a stitch in time saves nine”. That holds true in most things but none more than when it comes to construction. What starts as a minor issue which could be easily remedied, can quickly become a major issue costing thousands of dollars to repair if left unaddressed

Allow Property Forensix to insure your homes meet your standards of excellence prior to going to market. We currently provide new construction or new home inspection services in Dallas Fort Worth, Denton, Mckinney & surrounding areas.

Click here for an example punch list/builder’s report.

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